• The Diablos
  • The Diablos are a rare breed. A British band that not only writes, produces and records all their own material, but can back it up through stunning live performances.

    Whether they are performing in a small club or headlining a major country festival, the Diablos' combination of high-energy country rock, sweet four-part harmonies and instantly catchy tunes make for a potent mix that has continued to thrill audiences up and down the country.

    The five-piece all hail from Brighton on the Sussex coast and announced themselves onto the British country music scene in 2007 with their album "Welcome To The Club". From it, the single "Whiskey, Women And Wine" won Best Original Song at the 2008 British Country Music Awards. The next year they put out a four-track EP "Good Advice For Hard Times" then, in 2011, released "Rhinestones & Diamonds" to critical acclaim.

    Maverick Magazine gave it a four-star review commentating, "cleverly written songs that can make you laugh, cry, rock out or just take you back to a softer, gentler time". The album included two Hotdisc British Number One's and was nominated for Best Album and Best Original Song ("Continental") at the 2012 BCMA Awards. They were also recipients of the 2013 Hotdisc Horizon Award.

    The Diablos' latest studio release for 2013 is "Riding The Long Road". This is a partly retrospective offering as it includes previously unreleased songs written and recorded with the band's original line-up in 2003. These songs have been remixed and remastered by platinum-selling producer Al Scott.

    Three brand new songs have been added to bring the album bang up to date. This quality package also includes a twelve-page booklet documenting the history of the band.

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