• Owen Moore
  • Irish-born, Dorset-based, country music singer, songwriter and guitarist, OWEN MOORE is a very familiar face in country music venues around the south coast of England.

    A well-travelled veteran of the country music scene, Owen plays regularly in bands, duos and also as a solo performer. His music is widely available on numerous internet websites and he can often be seen and heard playing “Live” in town centres and high streets around the south, as he is an inveterate busker and street performer too.

    Over the past few years Owen has also developed into a writer of novel country music songs with interesting themes, intriguing words and catchy tunes. His original songs have featured on country music radio shows in the U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Scandinavia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and in the U.S.A.

    In 2016, Owen released the album "Secret Songs Through An Open Window". The songs are a mixture of Owen's country and folk influences. The album is a truly self-produced project: Owen has written the songs, arranged the music, played all the instruments and produced the complete album.

    Owen’s albums of all-original material include, "Short Songs From Thin Air", "Simplicated Songs", "Rainy Day Songs" and “Windswept Songs On A Broken Guitar”.

    You'll notice that all of Owen's original albums have the word "Song" in the title. It's a deliberate choice, as he sees each of his albums as a showcase of his songs. Owen's real reason for making these records is to produce a portfolio of his songs, in the hope that someone else will come along, hear one they like and make a professional recording of it.

    In addition, Owen has had several other albums released on CD, (including a “Live” album recorded in clubs and bars, fittingly entitled, “Bar Rooms, Back Rooms & October Songs”, as well as a 20-track CD of his regular busking choices called, “Street Corner Songs”).

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