Elizabeth Hill
Born in sunny California, my love of country music has followed me around the world but I have settled for a while in the beautiful city of York, England whilst bringing up my four children.

As an American living in Britain, I am so pleased I get a chance on my Sunday morning show to represent some of the best country music, old and new, from both the UK and the US.

Join me from 10am to 12noon each Sunday morning for some great music including tracks from our Spotlight UK Artist and an Album of the Week from our Online Music Store as well as a New Through The Letterbox track which has just arrived with us.

If you have any requests or just want to drop me a line, my email is

I am proud to have launched our Live Music Nights with Allan Watkiss to provide a variety of venues for musicians to showcase their music. I am really excited that country music is becoming more popular in Britain and I have enjoyed listening to and interviewing many talented musicians over the three years I have been with